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Time to bulk


Time to get with it

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Bro you can’t see anything in that picture.

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Sam what's with the pics lately like why even bother taking the pic if u can see it and look at yourself alot lately have just been super grainy blurry shat... I'll be the first to admit man I ain't comfortable yet I look fine good but when I do my pic I want y'all to be like damn pounds ur looking siicckkk so u can't comment to much when I'm not willing to take one at all but when I do decide it'll be clear as shit

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Throw it bro.

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Lol hence why it's time to bulk! Maybe we'll be able to see him after he puts on a few

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I like giveing karma for self pics but if I can’t see gains or they have a shirt on I can’t do it...

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Or the shot of half a shoulder wearing a tank and some of the trap on one side. That's always a good one

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Winter is coming. Everyone is so excited they forgot their photography skills

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