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+ 5 TeamRoids order #4


Para Pharma labs
4x Trenbo A 100
6x Testo P 100
3x Decan P 150

Thank you for always providing the best service TR, you’re one of the best on here…

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How's the ParaPh Tren ace these days? Haven't given her a whirl in a few years

Decan is the Nuts baby! I just got some today from TR.

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I actually haven’t ran any PP since 2019, I’m excited to get back on tho. I’ve run PP Tren ace 3 times prior tho and every time has been the absolute best Tren I’ve ever used. Which is why I keep using it every time i run Tren lol.

Glad to hear the NPP is g2g

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Love PP done many cycles with great result
Current on his tren E now always dosed properly

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I like their services. Professional and friendly too

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Nice stack! My hommie in the gym just told me Para Pharma is a garage brand. I laughed at him so hard. If he only saw how many bottles of good and tested stuff they sell. I saw maybe hundered or even thousand bottles photographed only since I'm at the eroids...

Enojy your products mate, this will be fire!

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I agee. Using their injectable dbol atm and it is definitely real and not underdosed.

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How are you running the inject daily? MG, ect.

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40 mg daily . No pip at all.

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I've run A LOT of the Para Dbol inject and 40mg/day works well. Lasts ages also with it being 100mg/ml

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Same here .4cc lol. I can taste it right after I inject it.

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cut stack

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The guy always has promos and discounts. Rn if you use btc you get 50% off, therefore I’ll be making another order

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Never had a problem with these guys. Definitely one of my go tos