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Teamroids monstersale


6 x paratropin landed!! shipped and landed in 3 days TA
First time Hgh going to start in March when gyms reopen with 4iu for 5 months can't wait to try them they better hurry up with the vaccine because I'm like a fat kid that can't reach the cookie jar on the top shelf

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thanks for sharing buddy!

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Wow nice score man. I can't wait to hear about the para pharma hgh. Been eying it for a long time now. I bet the gh is just as good as the oils. plz keep us posted man.

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Damn good TA enjoy your growth brother :).

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Scored!!! Good brand of oils and tabs.

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Yes sir! That's true i hope the Hgh is as good as their oils

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Yeaaah MONSTERSALE - 40%

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