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Spectrum pharma test mix ( sustanon 250)


Got these bad boys from best. To get the levels of prop built up and to test pip i pinned 1ml in each delt yesterday before i trained. Went and trained legs and some back, and ended up doing a light shoulder workout also. No pip during training, and zero now. Ive had some test blends that would prevent me from training that muscle that i pinned for 2 days or so. Not the case here. Oil is thin and smooth and boxes look badass. Very " pharma" if you get what im saying. Also have scratch off verification numbers also. I didnt bother doing that because i dont have a doubt in my mind that it wont check out. May do it layer for fun. Anyway. Ill be back for more if this gear is as good as it looks.

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Thank you! Best wishes. Very nice description also)))

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Looks nice i take it ran smoothly through a insulin syringe ?

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Yes it did. all i use to pin anymore are slin pins. Every now and then ill order some 27 g points to put on a 3cc barrel but i really dont like pinning more than 1ml in any spot anymore. Ive had a sterile abcess years ago from 2 and 3cc shots in the same spot and that crippled me for 2 weeks, 4 days in hospital on iv antibiotucs and to this day a chunck of my glute is gone. And to try and pin there it squeaks as the needle goes in like styrofoam being ripped. So it essentially ruined 1 major pin site. So now i use delts, chest, lats, hips,, quads, and lower amd mid glutes..... many site rotation. Much less scar tissue from slin pins also

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Wow thats good to know iv never tried insulin for oils IM only water hgh subq may have to give that a try tho maybe half cc first and see how it feels. Iv use 27g half inch with waterbased tren in triceps and seemed ok.

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My advice is start small, like half a cc in a new muscle. And in delts and tris or biceps, i wouldnt pin anymore than 1ml in those areas.. some say its bullshit, but i find when i pin my side delts with either prop, or sust or even tren, and then go train, i get really good pumps, and the swelling from the injection seems to add to it so that the pump stays for 24+ 48 hrs after training.... only noticed it with delts tho...really the oil doesnt matter, but if it has some pip to it then it swells a lil better.. i used half a cc test ace, and half a cc tne in each delt once and shoulders were soo round, and capped after that workout... try it out and let me know