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SP prop, BP orals


ordered 5x SP Prop, 20x BP .25mg Adex (received 24), 50x BP Provi (received52). I meant to order BP Esculap instead of Provi, but while shopping I got distracted and didn't realize what I had done until today when it landed. So I will be placing another order tonight :). Less than 3 weeks T/A. They shipped the orals and oils separately, both landed today and I had to sign for each package separately. They have that little scanner thing you sign and I just assumed one signature would be enough. So another successful order in the books from ASHOP.CLUB

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That looks like enough gear for a 50 day blast off!!..1ml everyday, 50mg provi everyday and adex as needed......thats how id run it anyway ...

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Looks good brother. I hate having to sign for shit seems like it's hit or miss sign for some n not for others. O well

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Nice order.

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