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I know this is probably not the best catagory for this pic, but I don't want any Karma for it. Just wanted to post my "progress" I put progress in quotations because even though I am down to 17 percent bf, I have also lost a lot of muscle mass. I started doing these analysis' in feb, at that time I was 224 lbs 25% bf, in may I was 222lbs 19.5% bf ... and today I am 197 17%BF
I wanted to not get below 200lbs and keep dropping bf but I guess I dropped my caloric intake to much. I have lost 25 lbs since may, 8 of which were muscle 17 lbs were fat. I also dropped my workouts down to 2 days a week, due to the lower calories I have been ingesting. I have been on a low dose of test-p and 2-3iu's of gh since around march or april, and am continuing with that protocol.
When I started all this in 2013 I was 272lbs with a 48 inch waist.I hadn't seen my johnson in years. This is a marathon, I learn as I go. I make mistakes, and celebrate victories as does everyone. This week I am going to start lifting 4-5 times a week again and up my calories slightly. My last goal was to be over 200lbs and under 20% BF, I reached that goal, and then some. My next goal is to reach 210lbs and be at or below 15%BF. I will reach this goals as I have reached all the others I have set. I hope you to set and reach goals... STAY STRONG MIND BODY AND SPIRIT!!!

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Throw up a picture. You should get karma for this.

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I honestly like how you're very goal oriented, methodical, and analytical, not to mention determined as a mofo. Keep pluggin' buddy, you'll reach that next goal and smash it just as you did the others. Assess, adapt, and overcome!!!

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Absolutely no dissing brother - encouraging.