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+ 4 Some Orange tops


Lets try this bbys

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Nice score man.
That should hold u down for a few days

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thanks for posting the TD picture,
enjoy it , Smile

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I tested well on those! On em right now just 2iu every morning

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Nice bro,i used just 2ui too,i dont know why i cant handle over 2ui of hgh ,my hands at night cramps not let me sleep if i go over 2ui a day

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the longer you run GH it the more you can eventually pin. I couldn't go much over 3.5-4iu with the greys. Now after being on HGH for about 6 months I can handle 6iu.

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Perfecto máster, so i go give some time for my body can cadle that,im a welder and carpel túnel on me not let me doing my job right lol,what u doing for living bro

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I got up to 3 on cycle but couldnt handle 4. Off cycle at 2 i sleep well and recovery has been nice. Im older so its helped a lot with sleep.

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Same here i take pills for insomnia with 2ui i dont need take pill for sleep