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+ 8 New Dragon look for TRT


2 weeks T/A ,

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Nice!! That wrapping makes them look more professional. +1

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Loving the new package of dragon pharma. I’ve been using their products for my trt as well. I’m officially off due to trying for a kid.

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Always lil overdosed but on point,i go been off too in few months for tryin for a kid too,how u feel been off and whats is u current protocol on recovery ? Im stocking on hcg

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I guess another advantage of the shrink wrapping is that it will put an end to lose stoppers coming off in transit and oil spillages, or stoppers leaking etc. Past 4 /5 years Dragon Test has been really good and they are back on top form again.

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Seems like more and more labs are using those clear plastic wrapping. First I seen with them was BP, then SP, then Vermodje new line, then pharmaqo now Dragon

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Has a sharp look to it

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Wow looks clean enjoy these dragons

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