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+ 8 six weeks of my cycle Test + Mast + NPP


Its been a while since my last update so I decided to post a picture of how I'm progressing with my summer form. I'm in sixth week of my cycle with 100mg of Test. Prop, 100mg Masteron and 100mg of NPP EoD. I also used 30mg of Oxandrolone for first four weeks. The cycle was planned for 10-12 weeks, but now I'm considering shortening the cycle to 8-10 weeks because I'm getting rude and angry and I feel like its not getting any better. I have added 25mcg of Bitiron from today for the rest of my cycle to help my thyroid... After this cycle we're about to start trying for a baby :-) My current weight is 104Kg and I'm going to cut for the rest of a cycle.

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good shape! keep it up

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Looks like cycle is going well.

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  • for the conditioning, very nice work, but watch the root. I can see the top of your labia.
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Looking good Sir.