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I'm currently ten weeks off any gear, even PCT, pretty happy with the arms volume that I kept after my last cycle. I was always struggling with the triceps mass and now, it finally started to appear a bit. In my next cycle. I'd like to dedicate two days in a week to my weak spots, arms included so hopefully I'll be able to grow them and condition a bit more.

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thats damn impressive pal!!! im jealous lol well done brother!!!

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Tricep on fleek lol

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Boy I remember getting all my karma taken away for posting an arm picture. Im glad that strange rule changed… it was probably more because of that one super trooper mod that was jealous of my 20” pythons

Nice horse shoe +1

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Haha, jealousy is never good Biggrin I've never heard about such rule to be honest. And personaly I must say, I like to browse pictures of other people progressing way better than just booring pictures of the bottles that they ordered... There are some fantastic physiques to be seen at eRoids. Plenty of motivation for me Smile

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Maybe this will give you something you can use. It worked for me

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Definitely got some good definition going there! What's your plan for the next cycle?

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Thank you brother! I was thinking about long esters simple cycle with just boldenone and Test E for mass, with just a little help of 30mg of Dianabol daily, for first three weeks. What will be special about this cycle is, that I'm going to inject very little ammount of anabolics daily, subcutaneously in order to achieve the most stable blood levels. I want to try whether this will have any impact to mood swings and anger, that I've experienced earlier.

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Interesting approach, I'll be curious to hear about your results

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Good job!

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Nice work mate!

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