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  • GreatSpear   •   Sun, Sep 8th, '19 22:47   •   3 replies, 257 views

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I was lucky enough to place third in RB’s rap for roids contest and win 5 vials of DP cyp. They also ran the generous 3 vials for first time customers too, for a total of 8 cyp. The 3 and 5 came from two different orders so they’re different lot numbers (and slightly different labels). Blood test is coming up here soon, but so far as I can tell the DP is indistinguishable in quality from the Pharma cyp I use for TRT.

I picked up some DP Aromasin from them as well, looking forward to trying it out on my blast and see how it compares to my pharma Anastrozole.


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  • lundgren
  • 8 months ago

Hummm look sweet :-)
Enjoy your Cypionate, im glad if i have the possibility to try this next month with some bolde or nPP ;-D
I hope this work well for you, enjoy ! ~

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  • 9 months ago


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  • PropSlayer
  • 9 months ago

Congrats bro! Ive run more DP test (by far) than any other UGL's test and it has always been consistent for me over the years, unlike others who have been way hit or way miss. Always consistent with DP. Enjoy it my friend!