Raise the bar gear


Testing out their new stuff

Ordered from
ChrisMdPaNc's picture

Sweet deal buddy. Almost looks better than a slim Jim. Decided to try out Mr. Raise myself. We will see what happens here in a couple weeks

mauie's picture

I like the case. Like a lot.

Mr.Raise's picture

Nice. thanks for sharing Randy

Serrajitsu0876's picture

Damn is that case custom or a battery case?

Randy.Savage's picture

It’s actually and essential oil case off Amazon. Perfect for gear.

Serrajitsu0876's picture

Ordered. Thanks dude that’s sick.

Steveking1980's picture

Damn nice looking stash box. How many does it hold?

Randy.Savage's picture

It holds 40 bottles

Steveking1980's picture

Damn that’s nice! Definitely one of the nicest gear box I’ve seen.

Bmoney85's picture

Case is nice AF!!!

11chuck88's picture

Nice stash and storage case. Like those labels on your EL vials as well.

Melvin_Smelvin's picture

I need to get myself a fly ass container like that one!

DbolAndAll's picture

nice order