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+ 2 Balkan/SP


Balkan Sust, Deca, NPP, Test Suspension, Dbol, Arimidex

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Hy Folks ! Why looks the balkan sustandrol Juice yellow?

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Ready for War in the gym Nice !!!

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Very nice! Tried many of those .. all good from CD!

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Excellent choice, Mr. Macho Man!

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Thank you my man!

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Hey buddy, pal, new friend. Want to come to my memorial day BBQ? All the cool kids will be there... lol, fuggin with ya, but damn, nice score man!

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Will there be mac and cheese? Lol thanks bro!

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Yes, and its baked. I don't make white people mac and cheese haha

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Nice!!! I'm running some Balkan gear from CD right now and it's awesome!

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Hell yeah man that’s awesome, I can’t wait to give these a go

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That's a pretty collection you got there Smile

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Thanks man Smile

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Nice haul! Tone is gonna bust a nut when he sees this pic lol.

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Lol! Thanks bro!