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Been using Karl's gear past 7 almost 8 weeks started 220lbs im currently 236lbs. Holding a little more water than i like but I've been eating lots of carbs so it's expected. Thank you
weeks 1-5
Test E 250 mg weekly
Tren E 200mg weekly
Masteron E 200mg weekly
Weeks 6-7
I did same thing only every 5 days instead of weekly.

Im being conservative these days. Lol

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Lookin good big guy !

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Nice picture, you look big mate

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Dam 16 lbs in 2 months. Any water weight or that pure muscle. Your doses are low so I assume very little water?

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I rebound pretty fast and really it's mostly cell volume increase from being back on gear. I took 15 weeks off, so yes a lot is probably intracellular water in the muscle and some increase in lean mass. People will be surprised how far the can get with a little bit of gear when your eating proper amount of quality food and training to maximal intensity every workout. I've used high dosages in many cycles and to be frank i never experienced anything mind blowing, Only very first cycle was like this and everyone gets mind blowing results first cycle with a little gear so i encourage everyone to try different things. You can look back at my pic from the beginning 2 months ago and see i looked more ripped but a little smaller. Here im full as a house

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Now that's a solid pump! Going great

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Nice to see good progress with low doses. Guys run grams of compounds and still look awful.

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That's a hell of a stack and looks like it's getting the job done!

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I am never satisfied, i always believe there's improvements to be made, going to change up compounds a little bit and see what happens. Thanks for encouragement

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Looking solid!

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Look impressive !

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Good work

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Looking like you know what your doing lol keep at brota

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Low doses and looking good still +

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Thanks TBone! How have you been my man?

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Hey how has your experience been sciroxx ?

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Read my reviews. Been dealing with him for years. One of the only few i chose to do biz with. Always good.

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I been good, busy with the family and cruising on some delicious primo. Finally hopped back on cycle and feel great!

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Excellent news, glad to hear!