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+ 25 Holding well at TRT dose for past 3 months


My current shape, been running 100-125 mg of EPF Sustanon premium line from CrazyDoser for 11 weeks, it pins very nice no pip, great quality juice. I actually felt great using sustanon for TRT purpose and is now my new favorite for this purpose. I recently switch over to Sciroxx testodex enathate, also good quality. Been using Karls enathate at same dose for past 3 weeks at .4ml and still feel good. Current weight is 100kg (220lbs). I lost about 12 lbs since i was on full blown cycle but it was mostly, if not all water. My strength and intensity are pretty much the same. Some lifts like heavy barbell rows i scaled back a few pounds and maybe can't do as many reps but overall i feel great. My hematocrit and hemoglobin are still really high, need to do some therapeutic phlebotomy but all is well. Thanks!

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Big and shredded!!!

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Thanks my guy

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nice work

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Gute Arbeit

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Looking like a beast. I'd love to be that big when I grow up. Lol. Good work brother.

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Haha thanks bro

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Looking good for 220 Big T! Always great to see your progress it takes years to achieve that maturity muscle end results.. and that’s the power to keep going and learning the Smart way ,to work around injuries, I always tell the younger guy Next to me at the gym when they try to attempt crazy lifts of course with a bad form
,( it’s not How much plates you lift…it’s How you look)

I was looking at big ramy many years back working as a trainer, and it’s insane the level of muscle maturity he progressed and did eventually Bring last year.
I’ve heard good things from that EPF somatoged
I would def try their injectables line down the road
Keep up the good work and good spirit bro

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Your statements are the truth. Thank you for your kind work my bro!

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Thats a solid and jacked for a trt dose. Very impressive bro, your hardwork and dedication to your diet really shows. Just curious if your on any hgh. I feel 3-4ius of gh really helps keep my gains from cycle when I am on only trt. +1

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Actually the first 4 weeks i ran EPF Somatoged aqua GH , love that stuff ran it twice now, good as ansomone, from CrazyDoser. 4 i.u. daily. I am with you on this definitely hold gains alot better. I think i actually improved more first 4 weeks from coming off my cycle

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Noice!! Big fat + From me.
Love the shoulders.
How's your libido in TRT and such a dose of Sust? Do you take anything else besides Sust?

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Libido was fkn awesome, i felt best at this dose, boners galore lol

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Serious shit! +1

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+1 looking great, dense

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My man Tone, always here to remind us what hard work and smart diet/gear management looks like. Fucking jacked, as always brother. +1

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nice tony +

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Solid bro

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Nice work Big Tone! +. How frequently are you pinning the sust?

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Every 5 days .4 ml

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That is a solid 220.
I'm with you on the sust for TRT. I love it.

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Thanks bro. Muscle maturity, remember 93 olympia Flex Wheeler stepped on stage at 214lbs and arguably could have won.

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You can spot muscle put on the hard way vs mostly muscle gained through AAS. It seems to have a denser grainier look. Always looks better to pack on as much mass naturally first because that natural base is what sets the foundation.

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This is true. I've been training 18 going on 19 years. It definitely doesn't happen over night lol. Took a long time, trying different things, heavy duty, over came injuries etc. Appreciate the recognition!

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dope bro! keep going

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Good You earned it.

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Bossing it ++

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Thanks Rusty my bro

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I tried to add both src's under orders but could not but want to give credit to both. Old eroids you could do this