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+ 3 Promo not sure what to think PCTSHOP


Got on promo anavar 50 have there logo but on the active ingredients says stanzanolol, pill reddish color, but not sure what ton make of it big difference from var to stanz, will keep updated

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Ok, I’ve been running this brand of gear for years because it’s always been very reliable to me. I’ve run their Var 10mg many times in the past, and it was the same exact color as the pills in your picture. Although, over the past eight months I have noticed that the three orals I’ve purchase this year have been different colors that what I’ve been used to have changed. Their Arimadex is now a very dark blue color. The Winstrol has gone from a yellow pill to a greenish pill. Dbol is a purplish red, ant the oral Tren is a darker shade of pink. All of them were real with the usual sides. I’m a week and a half into this exact Anavar 50 and I’m definitely starting to feel it. I closed my pool today, and while installing the cover, I got such a serious back pump from holding the heavy cover, that I almost had to let it fall into the pool. That's all the proof I needed to confirm they’re real, because Anavar is the only oral that does that to me. If it were Winstrol, my joints would already start feeling dry, and that’s not the case with these. I would actually be excited if they were Var/Win, LOL. I would just throw in some NPP. This stuff is real, Bro, I’m telling you. Enjoy it. Dragon gear is great stuff.

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How can such a big lab donsuch shitty labeling
My opinion they been going down hill since there pippy test E

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Go look inked post, his var is different color than yours too.

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Yea mine are this color to lol.

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hi guys. We have been informed by Dragon Pharma about this misprint on some of their pouches on the anavar50.. the product is not winstrol or an mix of an WINAVAR… the products is 100% anavar50, just the misprint on the pouch

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I cannot use wiffi, I can risk as the sides. Buts in bad side effects. I m not going to use it now I have 5 mogs for nothing

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Great point spend a few bucks get them tested

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That kinda sucks. Disappointing, but probably just a big F up by a graphic designer post product production…ya know I can’t excuse that or find it in me to give the benefit in of the doubt. They printed the doubt lol. Did you get an explanation from seller?

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Wow, I guess they're being honest about passing Winny off as Anavar. Lol but seriously, hopefully it's a miss print or something.

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Okay so I have the same thing just got it today. Wasn't sure what to think lol. At least this makes me feel better that I'm not the only one haha

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How did you upload pictures here? Received my promo order and it says oxandrolone.

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm slow. Haha.

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Yea mine says the same. Not sure if it’s a misprint.

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Look at the pics of the DP Anavar promo pics without the "misprint" the pouches look different

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Oh OK, that makes a little more sense. They could have avoided this if they had just looked at the pouches before they packaged and sent them off. Some folks are not going to buy into that explanation and understandably so with the color difference and misprint. It would be more believable if it was just one or the other. But PCT does have a good reputation so they do have that going for them.

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Also a different color. Things that make you go hmm