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Just got discharge from the military, getting back my of my show days, aiming to get back on stage next year for an October show, fuck MREs and fuck the galley food, im ready for 5 meals a day again and start my lean bulk season, currently sitting at 192, probably 20 something body fat , cycle wil consist of anavar, provi, arimidex, test e and npp, good to be back ! Miss my stage days..

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Wow, your stage pic is crazy!

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Welcome back brother, I'm excited to see another brother getting things done. And your old photo is fire man!

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Thanks man! I hope we'll watch you grow back to your bast again!

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Definitely ripped in your stage pic. Welcome home and thank you for your services.

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That's a SWOLE ripped up dude in bottom pic! We appreciate you for your service to this country.

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Welcome back !

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