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Vilma Labs:

Primobolan for my wife

Heard good things about this lab. I will be alternating labs of Winstrol to see which is better pre workout. Anadrol will be pulsed at the end of the cut cycle I’m currently running as long as I cut enough fat by then.

Halo, Halo, Halo!!!! I gotta be honest, it gives me the creeps after all I’ve learned since ordering it. I’m going to try it pre workout on a Winstrol injection day. Wouldn’t even consider running both orals together. If it’s too crazy, I’ll save it for the end of this cycle, and run it alone before my PCT for a week or two.

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That's some serious power there bro. I want to hear about the Halo for my own curiosity sake when ya run it.

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I’ll let you know on Saturday. I don’t want my first day being a work day. I can always smoke a fat joint on a Saturday if it revs me up too much,. I’m in Sales, so I don’t want to choke out any of my customers, LOL!

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...or maybe you do. Smile

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I ran 20mg as a pre workout this morning on an empty stomach. Was a little Queezy on the way to the gym, but had a killer workout. Pushed more weight, more reps, and got a great pump. Downside was I puked in the parking lot on the way back to my car. I had nothing in me but coffee, so it was quick, nothing serious, just overworked it today. First time puking from a workout since High School Football 35 years ago. Wife got a little bitchy about it, and starting questioning him much shit I’m running. I just think I was more mentally wanting to push myself as hard as I could, and puking was the reward, SMH…. Great damn workout though!

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Nice lol. Anyone see you in the parking lot. ?
Wait till you throw in the Halo with it.

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No, thank god. My wife was the only one who saw me. I was actually holding in since my last set and thought it would pass. As I was opening the car door for her, I handed her the keys and puked, LOL. Let’s see how Saturday goes on the Halo.

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LOL, no way!

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You should of said the Anadrol is for the wife - that would have made for an interesting post! Lmao

Always had great orals from Hilma over the years.

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LMAO! She can already outwork me in the gym, she doesn’t need anymore help or I’ll never catch up. Haha