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Hey guys!

I’m new to this forum and not sure how things work around here, but I can use some advice. I’ve never run this brand of HGH, or any liquid form at that. Picked it up from my local guy, but can’t find any info on it. Has anyone used this brand before? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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A little update from my side. Been using Oxytropin for 6 months now, through bulking period 4iu per day and now approaching the end of cutting period 3.5iu per day. I am really happy with it, sleep has been very good and recovery top notch. Also I managed to put on solid 6 lbs of muscle on my bulk (had also test and npp in the cycle). I am just about to pull it out, since I am approaching the end of the cycle and I just might compete, but I can surely say that recovery is great (doing 1.5 hour cardio a day plus workout) and skin is very thin.

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Thank you! Was a little worried about it because I’ve never heard anything about it yet. Thank you for the feedback. Here goes nothing!