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+ 6 Pharmaqo HGH bloods vs RB/Growthbio & Toptop JUNK



5 iu's daily RoidBazaar Growthbio: 211

10 iu's daily Toptop: 209

5 iu's daily Pharmaqo: 305

In just 4 short weeks at 5 iu's per day, my levels are at 305. Currently splitting the dose 2.5 iu's morning fasted and mid day with a meal. Before this test, I injected 10 iu's 3 hours prior.

As you can see, the white tops from RB and Toptop are SEVERELY UNDERDOSED. I'm not here to destroy anyone's business, I'm here to show everyone products that work vs bunk bullsh**. Please follow me along my fitness journey.

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Hey man. Was this the pharmaqo HGH or the quamtropin cartridge? (However you spell it lol)

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Not the cartridge

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Thank you

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All good my guy. I just hope everyone here sees the results and spend their money accordingly

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Thank you sir!!! Appreciate u doing the labs

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Just for info pharmaqo hgh is probably overdosed as usual
A vial contain 14ui instead of 10ui (batch march-2021) so keep this in mind

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Yup I have the same batch too. Dosed at 13ish iu's so I mix two vials (25 iu's) and use it for 5 days. Thanks for info brother!

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Thank you brother!