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  • gradoinyar   •   Wed, Nov 11th, '20 06:01   •   6 replies, 314 views

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Hey guys!

I have ordered Para Pharma Primo from 2 different sources over 2 months.
I wont tell the sources since its againts the rules, but i must say they are from 2 top source.

The Primo they sent, the both is different.

Type 1: i got 5 vials, oil is so clear like water, and no color, the label on the vial is ligher color, and it had different logo on the top.

Type 2: i got 5 vials, oil is a bit yellowis, the label on thevial is darker, and it had different logo on the top ( I uploaded photo ) .

The thing is that both Primo has the same BATCH code and exp date. ( ME001 ).

I don't know which one should i start. maybe 1 of them are Fake? ( don't think so ) Or both is legit but different manufacturer factory? Can't imagine, need your opinion:) Thanks


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  • press1
  • 2 months ago

As ParaPharma's No.1 fan I can tell you something - They are BOTH Real! Here's why ......

The caps where the P's are back to back were used on the initial Batches they produced. I suspect they had 1000's left over when it came to producing the new Facelifted Vials so they continued to use them until they ran out. The caps where the P's are both facing forward came into use with the New Vials also - I have compounds from both the initial run's and later ones in front of me now so this is 100% correct. As for the colour of the oils this is common with them, some can be clear and some slightly yellow - nothing to worry about. I have spoken directly with Para in email about this myself in the past :-)

Plus The A-Team would never send out fake Para.

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Thanks Press, I have interest.

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Thanks for the proper information! Yes i thought they both are legit, i just didnt understand why one of them are like clear water and other is yellow. I get that is common, but it couldnt happen if they use the same amount and quality raws , . i will look after it tho, because its intresting :)

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  • 2 months ago

Message both sources and ask them about these differences.

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  • 2 months ago

You crazy bitch ! Delete this ! And don't use steroids never !

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Calm Ulisses