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+ 4 NPP parapharma 150mg/mL for my current blast


Hello, currently blasting for the first time with NPP. I wanted to try this ester since I heard it's quite different from deca, specially regarding the mental side effects which are really pronounced for me.
I was not supposed to run nandrolone anymore because I had bad experiences with it but I decided to give a try for NPP, and so far so good Biggrin

I've been running 450mg NPP/week for 3 weeks out of 8, and will probably increase the dose up to 600mg/week for the second half of the cycle.

Moreover, I'm keeping my testosterone dose very low (125mg/week) in order to prevent E2 side effects, since nandrolone increase the rate of aromatization of T into E2 and also upregulate the E2 receptor via its progestogenic activity.

I got these two bottles as part of a promo.
Thank you ugfreak.to !

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I have to be cautious of mental side effects. I noticed from extra mental exhaustion. I discontinued my NNP use and already I feel lighter. That was at the 8 week mark.

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Thanks for the feed back, I know that some bad sides can pop up several weeks after the beginning.
I'm ready to stop my cycle in case mental sides become nasty.

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I have the same ! UGFreak !
Top service !
I wish you good Results !
Stay Healthy !

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Thanks, so far the results are already visible and the NPP is really pleasant to run Smile

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Thanks for posting buddy!