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New source that stock's all of my fave labs


My old source ran out of all my trusted labs so I looked on eroids looked on musclerapid and there selection was good sent in a small order of Alphabol that was on offer with some tren base all checked out as legit and my second order is already on its way

Ordered from: 
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Nice to see Alpha still around , how's the quality these days my man it's been years since I used any Alpha ?
Never ever used superdrol what's the difference compared to anadrol !

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Hi bud ye it’s still around bit hard to always get hold of these days but the quality is way up there at the top but so is the price LOL but u get what you pay for I guess and the way I look at supdrol and oxy is superdrol is like T-bol strength and a little size and oxy is like dbol strength & lots of size I’m on oxy now will finish with the supdrol r u running anything at the moment?