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+ 5 Need the right gear for the right gains


Bending bars. 505x3 artic Titian's best lab.
Thanks Uncle yoked

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What's your stats brother, that's some beastly weight

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Hey Uncle. I'm 54. 5"9 210. About 10 pct bf. My abs are out tight I could say I'm 6% a lot of guys think there are a lot lower than they are

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That's some serious strength to weight ratio. Been lifting your whole life?

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And lifting for close to 30 years. Bodybuilding the first 20 strength training last 10.
Deadlift 546
Squat. 435. After total quad tear in 2015
Bench 335
But I like doing things like dead lifting for 455 for 12 reps.

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You might want edit your face out.?

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Thanks for the heads up