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+ 6 My physique after a 3 months of diet (-17kg)


Hey guys, this is me just right now.
95kg, 181cm

In my recent post I wrote about my strict diet for a fighting competition.

This is my result after 3 months of low-carb, high protein diet (big caloric deficit diet) with a high carb day 1-2x a week.
From about 112kg to 95kg in less than 3months (My weight category for the event is 90kg, the rest 5kilos is just the water manipulation) I focus on strenght training, MMA couple times a week, sauna twice a week, cardio 6-7times a week (about 500-600kcal burnt every cardio)

I dont really recommend doing a big caloric deficit diet, you will feel like a shit (mostly from the beginning), but once you get used to it, you will feel OK most of the time. Its always better to have some spare energy for work, gym and everything, BUT it is possible to get ripped quickly if you need it for some competition. If you want just to have a "summer physique", try to do it more healthier ;D

Also I dont recommend just cutting the food within couple days. Do some "refeed", eat a lot before the diet and then slowly start cutting the food so you dont feel like you are starving Biggrin

The compounds I use:
Test e 500mg/w
Tren e 250mg/w
Bolde e 500mg/w
Stanos for 4weeks (max 40mg/day)

The most important advice I can tell is: Listen to your body Smile Everybody is different. Also note that the competition I prepared for wasnt a classic MMA fight, it was more like an "internet influencer/celebrity fighting event", so more like a show than an actual professional fight. Thats why I used tren, because I wanted to look as best as I can. But even with tren my endurance sky rocketed like crazy.

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Damn - looking good dude

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It went great, guys! Im really satisfied with my physique and with the outcome. But I was really doing everything for it, Im dedicated as hell Smile

So even tho the diet was not easy, I loved every moment and Im still going forward. I might post pics again in the near future. Thank you very much!

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Loving that bull skull tattoo.

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Wipe ur mouth bro!

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Looking good --

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Looking great! How’d ya do in the fight?

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Thumbs up

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Thumbs way up Baerney !

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Thanks for the tag brother. Solid! Keep going hard!