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+ 8 My natural form, what is the best gym for you?


Hey, I just want to show my natural form, Im about 107kg/181cm, yes I dont have abs now. Im OFF for almost 6 months already and I feel GREAT! I cant wait to hop back on, but I can say sometimes its very important to just go off for a longer while, try to maintain your gains and the most important, WORK ON YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.

What works for me? I work hard on my dreams, building a business, I try different gyms around my country sometimes. The one i liked the most is Eagle fitness in Prague, I think the founder of this gym was Illia Yefimchyk, also known as Illia Golem on IG. He lived in my country, Czech Republic, for more than 10years I think. And I can tell, he knows what a good gym should look like!

What is the best gym you have ever tried? So I know if I visit your country, I need to visit this gym too! lol

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Looking awesome for off cycle. God bless! +1

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Looking good bro. Tony's Gym in Thailand is a gem of a gym if you are ever in Thailand. The gear scene there is awesome, much like the lovely ladies at Red Light District in Amsterdam, but stay clear of blue/purple light unless you are into that kinda thing lol. As usual in both is King and goes a long way lol I was hella shocked at availability of gear in Thailand, paradise indeed.

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Thailand is one of the location I want to go! Biggrin I have seen that a lot of bodybuilders I watch on IG are in Pattaya and some of them even moved there.

I think every man should at least consider visiting Thailand, lol. Thanks for the tip !

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Bro the beaches in Thailand are beautiful. Straight Paradise and beautiful clear waters that rivals Hawaii. Cheap as hell to ball out there and live like a KING. The only downside which I found weird, certain hotels charge an extra guest "fee" EVERY time you bring a girl up to your room. Adds up after a few times and you can circumvent it by inquiring if hotel charges BEFORE you book, OR simply "TIP" he front desk clerk half the "fee" each time lmfao. Shit if the hotel clerk is a female who is DTF (down-to-fuck) she will simply let you pass by, with the hopes of you asking her out for drinks later after her shift ends. Fun times bro. You look like a fella who knows how to have a good time and hope you can experience Thailand one of these days

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Haha, yeah I love having fun! You look like someone who is for all the fun too from what you write, lol. I hope I can come asap! Biggrin

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I know who Golem is!!! Smile

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Great form! I've heard about Eagle fitness and I have to go check it out