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  • Baerney   •   Mon, Oct 19th, '20 06:56   •   3 replies, 825 views

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Hello everyone. How are doing throught quarantine? Here in our country, gyms are closed so I have my garage gym with one of my friend and we workout there.

I hope they will open gyms ASAP, but health is priority!

This is a picture of my gear. In few days Iam starting a cycle with test e, tren ace and after few week I replace ace with enat. This will be 4months cycle also with some orals like stanozol or turinabolos. After this is PCT or cruise and then PCT... hard to know right know because of the situation in the world.

Dont forget to workout even at home!

Be healthy!


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  • getswole11610
  • 5 months ago

How was the ultima tren? Any good?

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  • Therock1981
  • 5 months ago

Hi mate what the pharmaq tren e like have myself few bottles off the stuff

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  • EliteDucky
  • 6 months ago

Some gear there pal. Have fun