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+ 8 My lab results after 1 month of 175mg/week trt using para pharma test c 250 from teamroids


As you can see my testosterone levels have gone from below normal range, to above!!! In only one month using only 50mg eod (only 20 units!!) Using 1/2inch 30 guage needle, 1/2ml(50 units) pins! which comes out to about 175mg/week. Also remember that I'm on a methadone maintenance program which is why my test was in the gutters in the first place, but even with this small amount of test, I'm at near superphysioligcal numbers with 1164 total Test and 262 free test!!! I feel fucking amazing, like my brain synapses are firing at high speed, my libido is fully back--, motivation in full swing, eating right again because I care, working out hard and recovering fast! Got a new job and I love it, and I'm making more money!
All my numbers look pretty good( I think) except I need to continue to work on my iron but all my other number seemed to have been helped by fixing my low testosterone problem!!!! And yes I'm working on getting off the methadone maintenance, believe me.but... I've put $22,000 in my savings account last year(and still have it in there now plus a little more!!!!) because of not using, so I'd say for now it's def working and keeping me from using or even thinking about it, also allowing me to thrive at my job, in the gym, starting to actually date!, Everything!!!!!... But I'm def getting off the methadone program, just working on it slowly but surely!! Thanks for not badgering me about it, keep on grinding guys!

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thanks for sharing dear friend keep up the good work!

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+1 my guy!
I wish you to continue like this and make your dreams come true.
force to you

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Good job getting off the dope. Free test numbers look really good!

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Stay strong and don't give in. My vice is cigarettes, I can't give them up. I smoke 2 a day. But sometimes on cycle my craving gets stronger, and I fuck up and smoke 5 cigs in a point is sometimes while on cycle a craving can increase. So carry some bubble gum to chew or something.

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I know what you mean about smoking i have kicked all the hard drugs but still struggle with smoking