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  • eddo   •   Mon, Feb 10th, '20 10:23   •   3 replies, 163 views

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2 different UGL brands of masteron E from hormonesource.

Magnus pharma and phenom pharma. Never used either lab so eager to try them out. Both had scratch off security codes that checked out legit on the manufacturer’s websites.


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  • eddo
  • 2 months ago

Both brands are new to me too, they where supplied as a replacement for an out of stock product.

I’ve not started running either yet as I’m still finishing a bottle of Hilma drost e that I know is legit and working well. Will be good to compare these to the proven Hilma.

I will update with my findings in due course...

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  • zmlxnqf0904
  • 2 months ago

phenom pharma..is this a new brand? Never seen before

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  • Hunter2400
  • 2 months ago

Interesting label on the phenom pharma.....never heard of this brand.