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  • eddo   •   Fri, Feb 7th, '20 11:17   •   1 reply, 226 views

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Got some legit metformin from goroids.com to help control fasting blood glucose while running HGH.


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  • eddo
  • 7 months ago

Quick update:

I’m going back to running this metformin from goroids soon.
I took a month break from running the goroids metformin, as I got some more metformin delivered from Steroidify, and wanted to give the new stuff a decent run (1 month) to test.

I took my baseline FBG levels (around Christmas time) while running HGH (6iu - 8iu generics) but no metformin.
My FBG levels where elevated (over 6mmol/l) as HGH is known to cause this in some people.

I did test this metformin from goroids initially in the new year and it was indeed working! (2g/day) I forgot to save pictures but my FBG had dropped to around 5mmol/l or slightly lower from the initial high of over 6mmol/l, significant drop.

My latest FBG results on the Steroidify supplied metformin correlated almost exactly with my first numbers while running the goroids metformin. This proves both products are ‘good to go’ as they say lol.

Once I’m back running the goroids metformin for a few weeks I will retest my FBG levels and add the results to their section aswell for reference.

I know both products from both supplies are 100% legit so I think it’s fair to have the tests and proof shown on both their respective pages.

Many thanks for the long read, I hope people find my experience and results beneficial.