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+ 1 Lab tests 4weeks into a cycle Test + Dbol


I'm four weeks into a cycle of Test + Dbol liquid. I ran 350 mg only for first week, increased to 500mg starting week two, added 25mg of injectable Dbol at the begining of a week three. I also started Anastrozole .33 Mo,Wed,Fri somewhere around day 20, when I begun to feel estrogenic sides. Bloods were drawn yesterday, meaning its 31 days since first pin. I wanted to add EQ according to the lab results starting week 5, running that for 12 more weeks (16 week cycle in total).

Looking at my results, I think I will increase Ai to 0.5 three times a week untill I stop using Dbol in about two weeks (four weeks on Dbol liquid in total), because Estradiol is still pretty high, resulting in low progesterone and SHBG, if I understand this right? Is there any other way to increase my Progesterone and SHBG to healhy ranges and maybe to increase my libido little bit?

There is also a Ketone mark in my urine, which usually happens during a cut or strict diet, when body begins to utilize fats instead of carbs, but I'm in a bulk phase and I eat A LOT. I gained 8kg/17.5pound in 30 days (currently 112kg/247lbs.) consuming 300g of protein, 550g of carbs, 110g of fats and 40g of fiber daily, how is this possible to happen or what that means in my case?

Third picture is bloods taken 3 weeks earlier, for the comparsion.

A appreciate my fellow eRoiders feedback on this!

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Problem is buddy is that they are a bit hard to make out! lol The parameter levels seem to be different to general, is that Czech?

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Yep, correct, Prague it is :)) there is graphic for normal range or increased though. I always struggle with translating American measures from other people bloods too! Smile

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I am obviously not a doctor but here are some things to keep in mind anyway.

Your estro is a little on the high end but not outrageously high. If you are not experiencing high estro effects with your current dose of AI I would just ride it out and not adjust AI. Estro is anabolic also so the higher you can keep it without experiencing any negative side effects the better. You have been on Dbol long enough for estro levels to become saturated, I wouldn't expect them to rise much more. Bumping up AI a little bit will bring you down into the so called normal range so if that gives you piece of mind then really no harm in doing it. May also help with your libido, since depressed libido is a sign of high estro.

You don't want to increase your SHBG, you want it to be low otherwise it binds up testosterone and makes it biologically inactive. Low SHBG means more free test to do its job. Lower prolactin, I wouldn't worry about.

Here are my two cents on the ketones. First things first, was your bloodwork done fasted. While fasting your body typically will shift to burning fat for fuel so everything else I am going to say could be moot point at this juncture. Now, basically there are two main instances when your body will produce elevated ketones. One is with low carb diets and also when your body becomes insulin resistant. I am subscribing your condition of elevated ketones to the latter. You have been bulking and eating a ton and the body can become insulin resistant very quickly when doing that. That is why I prescribe to the principle of cyclic bulking so that you keep your body from becoming insulin resistant. That is last thing you want to happen when bulking since muscle gain will come to a halt and all those excess calories are being deposited as entirely fat now. You need to periodically reset insulin sensitivity when bulking by a doing a mini cut every once in a while during your bulk. This will reset it and shift the weight gain to muscle instead of fat. I would do a mini cut of at least a week with cals 1000 below your TDEE. This will help tremendously with increasing lean tissue gains and mitigating any fat gain. I have a whole forum on cyclic bulking if interested.

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Man there's like four fuck**g pages of a bodybuilding knowledge in your forums. You could write a book. This is going to take few days to get through it and absorb everything. May I know where do you study all these? Is that all your personal experience collection? Its a great luck for all of us here, to have you on the forum, for real!

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I appreciate your comprehensive response very much king, thank you! I was hoping you'll notice this post as I'm running the cycle with the highest test in my life, just like you recommended to me last time, haha. It seems to be all working well, honestly better then I expected, with an use of Ai... No anger issues no brainfog, anxiety etc. Only downside is less interest in sex, but now with the results I think I'm really going to up the Anastrozole dose a little bit.

Well noted about the SHBG and Prolactin!

This is really good info about Ketones and especially the insulin sensitivity reset. I'm going to do a mini cut for a week now, I feel full and bloated anyway so this advice comes at the great time. I'm also going to do more reading about cyclic bulking in your forums, that's awesome information, I'm hyped for it. Thank you!