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+ 11 TRT + Somatex HGH Daily


I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made with Somatex HGH in recent weeks. I feel my regeneration and stamina went up while my weight didn't changed much (sitting at 109Kg in the morning). I have good pumps and I don't hold any excessive water or much fat.

My anabolic stack is 175mg of test weekly and 4Iu of Somatex HGH at night, at arround 2p.m. when I go to pee Smile

I'm also running the HCG/HMG + supplements protocol from eRoids user meant to be used for fertility purposes : which helps swimers stay active and it works good, I'm about 20Mil/ml at spermiogram long-term + I have feeling that this boost both, Libido and ejaculate volume and might also have slight effect for keeping the watter weight down because of high vitamin C dossage ( I run 2g in the morning and two before sleep).

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perfect physique dude .

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looking good! I see that hgh is of high quality!

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Looking Great buddy! Smile

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Thank you mate, I appreciate that!

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Solid! Steady work ! +

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Thank you my man!

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Lookin good bro!

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Thank you brother!

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Yes, you're right. I'm about to try some more expensive HGH brands as well, just to have a comparsion, but can't say a word against nordmass, I'm very satisfied with them.

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rock solid, thank you Rusty! Smile

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Solid homo. Keep pushing forward and thumbs way up

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Cheers Diesel! Smile's picture

Good job bro----

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Thank you!

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Nice work Good

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Mate, do you ever go offline from site?! You're always arround at almost every post I read :-D Thank you! Smile