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  • Top_Price77   •   Thu, Jul 11th, '19 17:52   •   4 replies, 420 views

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Placed a small order to add to some cut mix I have. The cut mix( another source) is fire, but I'm not crazy about the ratios 50/50/50. I want to be able to bump my tren up slightly and double up on my mast while keeping my test on the lower side. Ron came through lightning fast. T/A 4 days. Been ordering from Ron since 2016 and he has not let me down yet.


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  • basskiller89
  • 7 months ago

I can't wait to try these two compounds!!

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  • PPGfreak
  • 7 months ago

Agree with those dosage and the reason I never buy cut mixes. I want my test LOW, mast high and Tren medium.

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Absolutely, I feel great when I keep my test around trt dosage and up my tren.(never over 300 to 350 tho) And I like my mast the highest of the three. I can honestly say that every cycle I've ran using that method has had almost zero negative sides. Well outside of profuse sweating. Never had libido issues or insomnia. It actually is the exact opposite. Lol tren turns me into a beast in the sheets.
As for the cut mix, it was my first time picking any up. It wasn't until I got it that I realized I cant run my normal run without picking up what's up there. The one cut mix that has decent ratios is Ron's, 100 ta, 75, to, 50 mast. I just wish the test and prop were flipped and it would be damn near perfect.

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I run same way.. throw 30-50mg var in pre comp and boom