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+ 4 GK Order Landed


Saw GK had a sale, and I honestly like anavar, and have been wanting to try them for a bit. Most of this var will be for a few months later. I'll try one bottle and compare it with what I got from another source.

I'll leave a review after I start the T. T/A like 5 days. I wasn't too worried. Nice process. Just realized I forgot to include the little banana he sent with the order.

Ordered from: 
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I was wondering where the banana was

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Yes, I had already put my stuff back up and cropped the picture when I realized I left the banana out :( also there was a signed thank you card.

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Make sure you shake that shit up every time bro.
Love me some Ron, I roll on the floor till my side hurt the next day when I hear his stuff....."Is that cake...?!? " ROFL

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I like one of his relatively new ones, I'll shut up when you stop listening or something like that. I used to love getting drunk and watching standup. I still like standup, but just not drunk now lol

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Nice order bro, everytime i see your tag I think of Ron White lol. +1

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Lol tater salad, right?? He's had some good bits