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+ 1 Titans Order Landed!


Ordered some arimidex because I don't want to run out.
GW is to help my lipids because I'm running 40 mg var/day and to cut some fat.
And SR9011 to try to keep up with cutting. Looking forward to the results.
He also threw in Cialis sample - THANK YOU!!

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Drop a comment on titans page about how the SR is working for you after a little.bit of time. It's a new product so I know some people wanna hear about it. Nice grab

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Thank you, I will! The GW worked wonders on my lipids, I believe. Curious how the SR will work. My body is recompositioning itself really well.

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The GW is proven to fix lipids fast and effectively. More people should use it cuz a lot of people lipids are trashed from a cycle and they are still trashed when they start their next cycle. The SR should definately help in the recomp process.