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  • Edit Giving a new source a try

  • Top_Price77   •   Thu, Jun 27th, '19 18:59   •   4 replies, 754 views

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Made a small order from a new source (for me anyway). I'm always on the lookout for another solid domestic source. After the shenanigans of trying out another source, this order from Mr. Raise was smooth. ETA was 4 days. Thanks Mr. Raise, look forward to trying out this gear.
Ordered 4 Cut mix 150. I have ran these compounds separately, never in a blend.


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  • Pstroke
  • 1 year ago

What are you dosing the cut mix at?

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Right now I am doing 150 eod, should work out to be 450 week. I have some mast prop and tren ace on hand. Happy with lower dose of test, but would like to up the mast quite a bit and the ace up to 75 eod. Before I make that decision I will run at the 150 eod. I'm all for minimum effective dose

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  • Mr.Raise
  • 1 year ago

you are gonna have a fun run Mr Top

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is that Mast in it that gives it that color?