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40,000mgs of Testosterone enanthate


I recieved my Dragon pharma store promo. Very generous promo. Thanks DP store.
I know, 400 mg test can carry hella pip. I have talked another member who said he had zero. If it has zero pip, great. If it does, I will be running it with other gear to minimize the pip. Anyway, we will see. Regardless i am grateful to get the opportunity to get the promo.

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I was pinning 2 1/2 cc of this every week from a different source..No pip but nothing spectacular either....Gains were far greater when i switched to a domestic @ 750mg weekly...Maybe it was the source idk

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You switched to a domestic Dragon Pharma or to a different domestic brand?

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I was out of my regular dom test e...I got dp from a promo...within 3 weeks i noticed libido was off and i def was losing size...Im 52 and have ran about 30 cycles in my lifetime so i know my body..The dp looked right with the dragon on the inside...Im sure there are plenty of fakes around

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Drooling lol

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Bro I’m using it right now and be prepared to cut it lol. It definitely has some bite to it. And as to be expected. I pinned 1CC in my quad three days ago to see how it was. Well needless to say I got a peg leg lol. Good luck with your run.

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You took one for the team bro

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I’m definitely a team player lol

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Lmao! I hear you bro. Had another member tell me there was no pip. Glad you said something so now I will go with my gut and cut that shit. I have EQ, mast, and deca on hand but I was acutely considering getting some mtc oil and filters and viles and cutting it in half.

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I like how you titled it to sound like a lot of gear when it’s really only 10 bottles lol

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Couldn't help myself lol