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+ 3 End result of my last diet a few month ago


When I got pretty lean (this was the end result of my last cut)

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Really good job, shoulders look hard and dry

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nice job you are very dry

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Two photos in one day? C'mon now

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One is a few months ago at the end of my diet. I havent been on here for a while.One is now with me growing showing my difference. I can post what I like. You dont get karma for self shots anymore so if I want to show my progress and changes over the last 6 months I will. I actually have alot of friends on here after being an active member for the last 5 years or so asking how I am, how im looking hows training and life been treating me so thought id post a couple of pictures........whats the problem haha jealous??

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ya you do get karma. See that thumbs up button? Combine pix....dont multi pic or negs fly. Dude was polite about it

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No sir, not jealous. I actually commend you for the hard work! Keep it up