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Merry Christmas Eroids Fam! I hope all is well with you guys and you all have a great holiday. So my Test/Deca cycle went great, up until the very end. The total weight gained was 16lbs at one point. Definitely some water weight in there from the Nandrolone but nice gains overall. This was a 16 week cycle now I've dropped the Deca and I'm still running 750mg test cyp and 40mg of Var for another 2 weeks. About week 14 I got a pretty intense muscle spasm going. Had to go to both the chiropractor and the doc. Training had to be cut back but did not cease. Every day movements became a chore. I'm just now starting to recover but between that and the water peeling away from the Var I've lost 7lbs. I'm struggling to hold on to what gains I've still retained but with this injury healing up I feel like the next 2 weeks could potentially bring more progress. This Var is amazing. It really changed the look I had going. Great compound for polishing up a cycle known for water retention. Anyhow 2018 was a great year for me. I made significant progress and that's what it's all about. Let's keep gettin it in 2019!

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Brother bear. Really huge.
Happy holidays to you and your family.
Respect. +1 bro

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Thanks brother! Happy holidays to you and yours as well.

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Good work brother ! Looking fucking huge !

Respect from me



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I really appreciate that Dope. Much respect to you sir.

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Damn brother, You are built like a friggin tank!

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Lol thanks bro, I try. Still got a long road ahead of me. Merry Christmas!

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Good work. Looking thicK! +

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Thanks Robman! Hope you and your family enjoy the holidays.

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Huge arms! Great size overall. Good Var is amazing! It has so many varied uses. +

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Thank you sir! Yes Var is fantastic. It enhanced my physical appearance as well as my performance.

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Gun show! Or cannon show really.

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Lol thanks Rusty

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Looking solid bro! All muscles looking pumped. What brand of var?

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Thanks bro! It's Dragon Pharma 10mg, I received 2 packs in a promo.

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Big bro!!! +1
Happy holidays

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Hope your's are great as well boal!

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Jacked up mofo right there. Boom. ++

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Thanks brother!

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Blowd up! Boom
Nice job Sir---Keep on keeping on
+1 Fang

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Thank you sir! I'm gonna stay at it.

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+1 brother good luck

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Thanks brother

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Good luck with treating your injuries man, looking great, what’s the plan now, gonna try to maintain the gains or will try cut down a bit??

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Maintain the weight during my cruise and take it easy for a bit. My injection sites are all beat up and need a rest. I need some post cycle bloods and as long as everything looks good I have an EQ/DHB cycle already put together for Spring. I'll likely run a mini cut at the end of that one. Still want to put on more mass. Yeah muscle spasms suck. I've never had one so debilitating. I'm finally getting back to normal and I'm glad the holidays are upon us so I can get some rest in. Thanks bro.

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You’re huge man +

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Thanks bro!

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happy holidays bro and a fast recovery look swole af +

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Thanks brother! Gotta keep pushing forward.

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Definitely looking yoked man! +1 for the update!

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Appreciate that bro!

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Lookin thick brother! Cap out those rear delts to bring out that 3D look a little more.
Plus two from the Beard.

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Thanks brother! I do reverse pec deck flies, bent rows or bent laterals depending on the routine. Any exercises come to mind that I'm missing or could benefit from? I agree with you. My rear delts have been stragglers.

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Those are all great, I like burning them out with face pulls at the end, full shoulder rotation and scapular extension and the bottom and big squeeze at the top.

Heavy t-bar rows helped as well.

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You know I wasn't sure what to call those but I actually have incorporated them into the end of my workout recently. I'd seen enough people doing em I decided to see for myself. T-bar rows and of course cable rows are done on back day but I know they also work the rear delts. My whole back shot needs improvement so I'd been working on it. The muscle spasm I'm trying not to aggravate hasn't let me do too much of all that. Gotta ease back into it. Thanks bro.