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Deal of the year


Sears near me is going out of business. Picked these up, 7' bar and curl bar. $33 after tax!!!!

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Nice !!

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Great deal.

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Lmfao bad ass man 33 bucks is a killer deal

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It was a big deal when I was a kid to go to Sears. Afterwards we would always go to Orang Julius for a hot dog. Always got my shoes at the Thom McCann store. I feel bad for you young guys. The 70s were the days of Super Malls.

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Yep, I hated getting my Husky Jeans. Hahah
Belk’s had Tom’s and hush puppies shoes.
The beds were next to the televisions and we chilled there while, the adults were shopping and played awesome games of pong......

Hahahha good times.

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Watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High. That’s how it was. The only thing better about today is Gear is easier to obtain. I started I’m thinking around 80 but it may have been 79. Lol I’ve got pictures of my skinny ass in the gym wearing tube socks...Know here I am all these years later still doing the same shit minus the the hair and tube socks.

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Tools, timbs and Levi’s. Where the fuck am I gonna but my pants god dammit.

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Nice. I hate sears going out of bizz. My goto store for everything

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Damn dude, you lucked out. All the Sears around here closed a few years ago, looks like JCPenney isn't far behind too.

I need another 7' bar, wish we still had some Sears...