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Throw back thursday


Performance Formulations bunk gear from a BOGO promo that marked the end of the source under that name.My girlfriend wanted to know more about my life before her, so I gave her some SD cards and told her a picture is worth a thousand words. Smile This pic was on one of the cards and figured some of the long time members would get a kick out of it. The gear was all garbage, I lost around $300 but a lot of guys lost a lot more than that. On a positive note there were several sources who stepped up and helped out some of the victims of the scam so they could continue their trt, or cycle and it showed that some people really did see this site as a community of brothers and sisters. That was only my second order ever and I spent the next couple of years being a promo whore, guinea pig, asshole! For that I apologize truly and sincerely I am sorry Even though I was 40 years old I was very immature, self-centered and selfish. Thankfully I did have the sense to never give cycle advise, and was fortunate in that my reckless consumption of compounds I had no business taking did not do any real damage to my axis, or endo system.
I want to officially apologize publicly to every member of the community who I disrespected, ridiculed, talked shit about, angered, or harmed in any way. And also I would like to ask forgiveness from the vets who really tried to guide me in a positive way and whoms time I wasted. I have had to grow up a lot over the last 2 years, and the man I am now is not the child I was then
Stay Strong MBS

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