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Not sure what took place. Got a call to go back in to donate blood again. I am eager to see IGF-1 as well as a few other things. One thing that has been embedded is blood work. As soon as results come back I will be posting them. Test free/total/IGF-1/thyroid panel/ and a bunch of other things. Did 4 IU 2 hours and 56 minutes prior to bloods. Fasted as well. Last injection of testosterone was Monday as well. Hope these come back sooner than later! Have a picture of actual bloods being taken but way to many tattoos to black out and cover up. Especially with it being super close to them play it safe now.

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Nice man. Who's growth are you running right now? I'm about 4 weeks in with the oxytropin @ 3iu daily and really liking it.

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These bloods were for the BB power somatrop. Have 8 vials of oxytropin in the fridge can’t wait to crack them back open. I love oxytropin. I’m glad your liking it bro.

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Damn...7 vials.... Vampire must be taking your blood.

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Ive had way more pulled before. One time I had them do 25 vial. I went to sleep when I got home I aint gonna lie I felt tired after they pulled 25 vials. It was mad uncomfortable today do tho because the spot he picked my arm was quarked a certain way bro killed my shoulder. But its done now. Also doc was pulling much more than I requested. I guess he has some shit he wants to look at as well.