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  • pickle   •   Tue, Jan 7th, '20 18:03   •   9 replies, 355 views

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One of the very lucky members to be chosen for the 10 item promo. Still pretty shocked at how insanely generous this promo is.

2x deca 600
2x test e 300
2x mast e 200
1x HGH
1x provi
1x aro
1x var
1x tbol

The last item i paid for as it is for the wife.

On week 2 running:

Test E 450mg week
Deca 900mg week
Mast E 400mg week

Will be switching to the pcom HGH week 4. Provi will be added at the end of the blast when i go back down to cruise dose. Aro used as needed.

Extremely excited for this blast, been a long time since i have run all pcom gear. Thanks again to basicstero for providing this generous opportunity. Much love


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  • Immortaltech
  • 7 months ago

mine arrived today, 6x mast e 200, 4 deca 600, i will be running similer one, but kick start with npp

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  • bundlz
  • 7 months ago

This hurts for me men hahaha ;) mine got snagged..

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  • Cochise
  • 7 months ago

Yea I passed on this promo dammit cause I thought it was strange they were giving away so much for free haha
Nice pick up bro!

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  • 5percent4life
  • 7 months ago

Im waiting for the gh to be back in stock

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Have you run it before?

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  • Steveking1980
  • 7 months ago

Congrats my friend. Well deserved. Definitely says a lot about the generosity shown in the post. Enjoy

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  • Bill1976
  • 7 months ago

You got HGH for free from the promo? Good deal. I like that HGH.

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  • press1
  • 7 months ago

Woahh Bud some nice gear there! :-)

I assume they now own the rights to your house do they for that lot?! Lmao

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Bank still owns the house unfortunately but they do have a new lifetime customer :)

thanks bro!