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+ 3 Arctic Titans gear


I ordered Friday. Payment went thru, they shipped that same day. I received the package today! 4 fckn days start to finish! During a promo and during the holidays. These guys are on top of their shit. Everything packaged well and looks good. I popped a dbol earlier. I felt great a couple hours later. I know that feeling. Smile I couldn't be happier. Will be leaving a review in a few months once I start my blast.

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Hell yea can't go wrong with titans gear. Source is solid. He's like the Uncle that doesn't fiddle you.

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I'm using that Caber 2x a week with Titan's Test C and Deca. I'm one of those dudes that will get high prolactin if I don't take Caber with a 19-nor. First time I've used a UGL Caber too, I used pharma grade for years. Anyway that Caber works. I'll be good reviewing in the near future.

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Excellent gear!

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Top notch gear