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+ 12 Again BULK


I started growing again but this time I will try to grow in pieces. I will keep you up to date in this growth period as well as during my competition period as diet and training.. Thanks

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Looking great!!! What are you using in this bulking?

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Peled great job pre-contest prep is just for dedication people admired disciplina pre-contest,i know how hard it is,look great bro

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Pecs is crazy full and striated and this picture doesn't even do you justice. I say this because you have to look hard at it to spot those striations. I always had luck with pictures. I look in the mirror "wow" then on my phone "hmm no that's not what I see in the mirror" lol

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Thanks bro

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Thank uuu

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Nice and lean. Is that a spray tan? Or the lighting?

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Thanks bro.. lighting

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Awesome --

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Thanks man

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Awesome bro!!

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Looking awesome, with nice clear skin (y)

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The best kind of physique to add on quality mass bro. Being so lean, your body will utilize and respond to compounds much better than an individual with higher body fat. I know the work/discipline required to maintain that look. Impressive and keep us updated with your progress +1

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Good starting spot for a bulk

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