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Hi Hi Guys, as you know I did a testosterone, boldenone, danabol cycle for 16 weeks. Then, when this cycle was over, I saw that my form was good and decided to make a definition and participate in the competition.
I have been using masteron, testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, genotropin and fragment for 4 months. 600mg per week. - 800 mg. i am taking testosterone propianate.. There is very little time left for the competition right now. Weighed as 80kg. I aim to pose as 84 kg. After the low carb and water loading period, I will make high carb 0 water before going to the race.. no problem since it is an open weight competition.. what do you recommend me now.. thanks in advance for your comments..

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Looking good bud - look heavier than 80kg.

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top good work +1

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Ripped +1

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great shape!! hats off my respect!!

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All I would recommend is HAPPINESS!!! LMAO!!! You look awesome!!!

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It would take me a year to look like you!!! Touché, mate.

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Some DHB brother. Get that dry look… Looking great by the way. Props brother.