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5x genotropin from Roidbazaar


Another easy and super fast order, shipping less then 7 days total.... RB bro this Eagles fly crazy fast!!! ;))

Ordered from:
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Hi Josipgates,

  1. Since it is July hottest month of the year, do you recommend ordering genotropin right now? Is it safe?
  2. How long do you think shipping will take from Turkey to United States if I order with Roidbazaar?


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Great, brother !! ... next eagle arrived safe and sound ;)
Then there is only one thing left to say ... enjoy !!
Big cheeers, my friend ;)

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do you plan test IGF-1 on them?

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Im not and I repeat I am not saying these are fakes but how do they compare to this info from the ministry of health website.

also are serial number different for everybox ? I am only asking because I am thinking of getting same.

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RB only sells originals bro...even if i don't check the codes just by smell u know it's real genos hahs and ofc the results u can fell and see from the first day

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Its like christmas in the summer ;) enjoy bro i will be stocking up soon some of these

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You know it bro,best gh money can buy ;)

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Nice grab my bro!! I’m running top trope from RB I grabbed while on daily deal!! But I gotta get back to pharma!! Stay blessed and stay healthy!!

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How do you lile toptrope so far?
Yeah u can never get wrong with RB genos,best of the best , no other HGH give me results like genos

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nice pick up, enjoy!

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Best HGH money can buy...i will brother :))