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+ 21 15lbs up on anadrol


I’m happier than a fat kid in a bakery lol

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Looking thick, pumped and amazing. +1 bro

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Bully labs got me crazy looking too only one week in lmao

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Looking big man, + from me

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Solid work brother, +1

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I've been told that taking the supplement 5-htp helps tremendously with drol lethargy. I'm about to start drol/npp/test so I started taking the 5-htp a week ago. We'll see if it works or not. + from me, I hope I see good results on the drol too.

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Maybe it will help for you. Drol is a powerful steroid, it’s hard to combat the sides, especially for estrogen related ones. I’m one of the lucky ones to not have to use an AI, but I have a shit ton on hand if ever need it. My joints are worn slap out, so water retention is a blessing and very much welcomed to an extent.

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How much drol are you on? Has it affected your libido? You are my goal lol!!!!! Beast

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Thanks lol. 50mg in the morning before I eat or drink anything so it hits my system fast. Yeah my libido has taken a hit, even with my test so high the lethargy Drol brings on overpowers it, but everything still works, it’s just delayed getting up if that makes sense.

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I thought I was the only one that got bad lethargy from Anadrol! Lol I like the strength gains from it but the lethargy through workouts kinda ruins it for me. I just don't get that with Dbol.

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Oh no, it’s extremely common. Drol is notorious for killing your appetite and being tired all day. All I want to do is sleep when I take it, but damn in the gym it makes you a machine.

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If I could post my face you could see it, but everywhere else is lean and vascular.

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Jacked Baker right here ++

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Did Anadrol give you a "Moon" puffy face?

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I already had a moon face from test. Lol. It’s not bad though.

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Yes sir!+

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You don't look like a fat kid in a bakery, but a ripped one! Good work! +

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Lol. Thanks man

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Thanks again y’all

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That's a + from me

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Dam bro don't explode. Swole!!

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LMAO that’s exactly what one of my girls said.

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Anadrol + lean = full and dense! What dose are you running mate? Looking pure savage

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Thanks. 900mg Test E, 50mg Drol. No AIs either

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Good work Sarge.

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Salute. Thanks guys

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+1... Lookin jacked brother

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great form !

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Huge !! ++

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Thanks guys. Hard work is paying off

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Huge arms bro! +