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+ 1 Gorilla GH


Looking forward to a year or 2 of running Gorillas GH maybe longer if I can afford it. Lol

The free Cyp is nice too

Thanks GK

Ordered from: 
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Nice marble!

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Thanks but even though our house is brand new it’s raggedy as fuck. Lol. They slap these houses up with Elmer’s glue I’m telling you.

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Brother please lmk how the HGH is !!!
I am thinking of buying from gorilla but it seems too cheap. I just bought 4x test cyp 250mg and 1x DHB 100mg, just waiting on colormetrics test so I can continue with those vials. Please tell me how it is and what it feels like & quality!!!

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His GH is great I tested the blue tops and @Diesel22 did the blacks. Plus GK himself sent them for HPLC testing like everything else.

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His Gh has been tested by several people including Gorilla himself. It’s good to go bud.

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Awesome thank you gang

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No kidding. I have a feeling it’s about to be flying off the shelf

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