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+ 30 Abdominal & thigh shot. Onlythebest


Abdominal & thigh shot. Taken last week. Been using Onlythebest HGH, Test E, TNE, Dbol, and NPP.

Stats: 5’7” currently sitting at 195lbs, single digit BF.

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Damn that looks solid!

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Nastyyyyyyy. Waist is flat flat flat. In a good way ! Total opposite of bubble gut. Abs are just perfect and great hard wheels.

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You've mad major improvements over the years. Great job

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it looks amazing
thank you for specifying your process Smile

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Look great brother! How long you been training and using aas?

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Training for 12 years. Since 18 y/o, now 30. Enhanced for 7 years on AAS, First year on HGH.

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Thanks brother! 12 years in, a lifetime to go. Improving everyday. Till i hit my peak and then it’ll all be about trying to maintain it. Lol

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Holy shit dude. Looking amazing.

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Since I started using gear I've practiced the less is better that you speak of so good for you my brother. I've said over and over on here that it's best to get the most out of the least amount used. This sounds crazy but it's possible as this has worked for me as well as those 70's bodybuilders that I try to imitate, now those guys looked good for their moderate dosages. I can also see moderate dosages are working for you too. Good job and post. +1

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You’ll find sweet spots and also points of diminishing returns with most compounds. Ime

Tren A 100mg eod (350mg/week) works like clockwork. I feel the returns diminish after 500mg after my experimentation over the years. Not worth the extra coin and stress on the body. For tren A 500mg/week is max I feel. No point to run more imo.

Testosterone, depends on ester really, but I am not a fan of high testosterone. That rule of test needs to be higher than 19-nor or dht or anything else is BS imo. Testosterone is good for maintaining mood, libido, well being etc. but will just bloat someone if they use too much. Then one has to use an AI just to combat the sides they could have avoided if they just didn’t run it that high. I don’t go over 350mg/week of esterfied testosterone these days. (And if i am running it that high it’s probably propionate at 100mg eod) I’m a “enough test, but let the other compounds shine” type guy. Other anabolics do their job better and will make you look a lot better than test will.

Primobolan, I’m sure there are diminishing returns at some point but I’ll be honest never pushed the upper edge of this one just because of cost. But Primobolan is one of my all time favorite compounds. Gives that “golden era” look. Full muscle bellies (like nandrolone but without the water retention) and tight and defined. Makes for a very “pretty” physique. It’ll work even at lower doses 200-300mg/ week. But that 500-700mg of primo is really when it shines brightest. Ime

Feel the same with HGH, haven’t pushed it at a high enough dose to tell. Lol Costs too much, but really, as much as you can afford. Lol 5iu+ I’d do 10iu Ed if i could afford it.

Equipoise I have grown apart from. Eq has to be run with high amounts of aromatase happening or it will crash your estrogen. Yes, it will. One of EQ’s metabolites is actually a strong anti estrogen. I’ve learned the hard way. EQ will crash your E2 if you don’t have enough estrogen floating around. Would work good if you’re a fan of high testosterone. Probably wouldn’t need an additional AI if you were to use EQ. But i don’t like high amounts of test so i don’t really experiment with EQ very often these days.

Anadrol is great for short bursts. But it’s weak binding affinity to the androgen receptor makes the “gains” it does give stall pretty quick. It works immediately but to save your self the strain on your liver and increase in RBC save it for 2 week bursts when breaking plateaus. Or for prep to fill out when. On low carbs/calories. Anything over 100mg/ day i think is just overkill. Definite difference going up from 50mg to 100mg / day but after that just makes you feel even worse and have even worse headaches. 100mg/ day for short bursts is all Anadrol is worth to me for, ime.

Dbol is great stuff. Reason why it’s called breakfast or champions. But found diminishing returns, just more strain on the body and more bloat if going over 50mg / day. Also completely depends on the quality of dbol you’re getting. 20mg of some good stuff may equate to 60mg of others. I usually say “if it’s making you retain loads of water, giving you acne, or giving you gyno”, you’re using too much. Goes with any compound but especially true with dbol.

Anavar is another one that higher doses work but really how much better and at what cost? Money, liver values, and most importantly HDL. Don’t see much point on running more than 50mg/day of anavar. Unless you’re pre-contest and require more for those last few weeks of prep to harden. But I’ve used up to 100mg/day and tbh, it wrecked HDL but didn’t offer too much more than 50mg/day did. For me at least.

Nandrolone I’m still fine tuning with my body. I like NPP over deca. With 19-nors i just rather have more control over when they get in and out of my body. Nandrolone or Trenbolone, I always use the shorter esters. I’m also still fine tuning it because previous runs were with higher test (which i don’t do anymore) and hard to gauge nandrolone’s specific effects when it’s masked my a huge dose of test blurring your lines and bloating you up like a water balloon. So far I’m finding around that 500mg NPP to be the sweet spot for me. May try pushing it to 600mg to evaluate but so far that half gram a week seems to do the job great with minimal sides.

Masteron I view as an ancillary. And an extra androgen to harden more and increase vascularity. It acts similarly as an AI. So unless you need to be hard and peeled for stage I don’t see the point of running high amounts of masteron. Especially if you want to keep your hair on your head. Some may need more than others depending on what they’re using it for but 200-300mg/week to limit aromatase. Or higher if pre contest and drying out before a show. Or the tried and true 1 to 1 to 1 cut mix (test propionate, tren acetate, drostanolone propionate) ..But the dudes here who never plan on stepping on stage running 500mg+ / week of masteron… why? Don’t see the point, personally.

Won’t touch on other compounds i didn’t mention because I don’t see the reason in using them personally. HGH, test, tren, primo, nandrolone, anavar, dbol, Anadrol. They are the best at what they do.

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Just seeing this now. Well said brother.

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ty for share, great reading

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love the expert analysis, that was a good read. i’ve been in the AAS game for a decade now and still haven’t tried primo. love how you played it up, i am going to have to give it a try some day.

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Great breakdown. Thanks for the extra effort. Hopefully others can and will learn from this. +1

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Everything you just stated makes sense. Your dosage for test is actually one I've used in the past and is a good dosage along with other anabolics for growth. You seem to be in tuned with your body obviously and that's the thing I've said over and over on these forums and guys are probably tired of me saying this lol. Like you, I do believe there is a point of diminishing returns as far as high dosages. And about Dbol and EQ you are absolutely right. I've always said that EQ could crash E2, some guys argue to the end of the earth that it doesn't lol. Also we've had a group discussion on it's anxiety affects it brings on some. IMO it's useless for me. Now ole Dbol..."breakfast of champions", well alot of Dbol does seem weak compared to the 15-20mg Ciba 5mg tabs that bodybuilders used back in the 70's. Nowadays some dbol isn't felt until higher dosages are used lol, which is interesting. Anyways bro keep on keeping on and keep that mentality. It's guys like you who will sustain yourself alot longer than others. I follow your train of thought. Thanks for your good reply. Be safe brother

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It’s good to see you back. It’s been a while

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It’s been a few years since i frequented here. But I’m back around now. Bigger, leaner, and better. Much improved since the last time i was posting years ago. Lol

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Thanks Rusty. Been a while brother. Years lol good to be back.

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Phenomenal Ab and Thighs shot, very complete physique man. Would you mind breaking down your cycle? very curious your ratios

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I cruise on 150mg test e TRT (doctor prescribed) year round. Usually do 2 blasts a year. Spring/summer and another fall/winter.

Just started HGH for the first time 6 months ago. Been running 3.3-5iu Ed. As often as I can. Sometimes take days off with the HGH here and there. (Non training days etc)

Current blast:
NPP 500mg/ week, test e 300mg / week (don’t like high amounts of test. Just makes you look worse. I don’t go above 350mg / week. Expect rn, with the added TNE preworkout) ..1 week into running (for 4 weeks) dbol 50mg/ 50mg TNE before training. This is for gaining size. Along with my usual HGH 5iu each morning. Will run this till the end of the year. Taking out the dbol after 4 weeks. Continue the TNE before training. Taking NAC, tudca, milk thistle while using orals. And eating right to grow obviously.

I like Primobolan or Tren A (when I feel like going on Tren and can afford the taxation it brings but feel wayyy better on primo) when getting lean. Low test 150-250mg, with primo (300-500mg/week) or tren a (350mg/week) with a good diet, slowly upping cardio does the trick. Maybe throw in anavar 50mg/day at the end. But that’s really all i do. No need for mega doses. I’ve tried higher doses over the years but keep things moderate now. I’ve learned over the years, more is not always better. Lower test, moderate doses of anabolics. WITH HGH is what works for me.

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Thank you for breaking this down and your very comprehensive response above.

I agree with much that you have said and implement a similar strategy with clients. Of course everyone is different but I have also gotten away from high mg testosterone based cycles, I used to push them but I realized much like you that you end up just fighting the sides. I do like dbol as well, I had my most successful growth phase this year on test/dbol/tren/mast. So test is as high as we can run with no AI (300-500mg usually). NPP/Tren though I tend to push at lower dosages, I find with around 500mg test the addition of over 150-200mg of either npp/tren causes sides in most. Again this is the average, your average local/regional level bodybuilder. So I like to keep that lower for joint relief (npp) or IGF1 interactions (tren). So as you know that leaves the DHTs, this is what I push up high and progressively overload in a cycle based on tolerability. This is the formula set by John Jewwit and Victor Black, I always give credit where its due. I do like masteron as well in off season as the main androgen as I find it structurally similar to primo and much more reliably sourced (and cheaper). It is slightly more androgenic and you do have to watch hairline but it is more tolerated than people thing in my opinion. But if you are serious you use Primo, up to a gram as you said expensive but effective. Anyway great talking shop and thanks for your breakdown hopefully you can become a regular member here.

You have the prototypical 212 physique, I hope you turn pro soon brother!

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Thanks brother. Probably going for the pro card within the next year or two. Push hard for the two shows, national qualifier then hit the national stage and try to earn the pro card. Agree with the approach to primo. It’s one of the best, versatile compounds around. It does everything. Great BBing drug. May have to try out your high dht approach and see for myself. Can’t know for certain until one tries it and sees for themselves. Maybe a low test, high mast, moderate anabolic run will be tried next summer. See how it works out for me. Have to research up on Jewwit and black. Read up on them and their approaches. Always learning. Thanks for the tips brother!

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Shit you look ready now man, not blowing smoke that's a serious balanced physique, those Calves from the front sheesh

Absolutely man I am a big fan of their approach, John Jewwit is fellow 212 as well but he is going open now. Good luck on all your future endeavors hope to follow it on here brother

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